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This term in our topic lessons, we have been learning about history, more specifically about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot.


You can learn more about Guy Fawkes from the link below.


Some activities that we have been looking at in class are putting the Gunpowder Plot into context by placing it on a timeline with some other historical events. What happened before the Gunpowder plot? What happened after? 

In class we put the Gunpowder Plot, World War One, the age of the dinosaurs and the Year One Class going into Year 2. But what might you put on your timeline instead?



Another activity we have been looking at is comparing the 1600s to now.


What might be different and what might be the same? 


It would be FANTASTIC if you could draw some pictures about Guy Fawkes of the 1600s compared to if he lived now. 


Think about the following things:
-What clothes might he wear? 
-What technology might he use?
-What sort of house might he have lived in?