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Topic Hook Day

Our topic this term is all about Africa. Today you will be listening and retelling african folk tales, locating africa and imitating tingatinga art. 

First lesson: Introduction to the continent Africa.

Africa | Destination World

Experience the hottest of the seven continents on this episode of "Destination World." Africa is home to some of the most famous animals in the world-here's ...

Ppt about africa (same as the video lesson) and an african map. You can colour in countries you have visited or colour in countries when you hear and learn about them throughout the topic.

Second lesson: Safari Statistics
Warm up activity:

Safari statistics

Third lesson: African Folk Tales

Model text - Awongalema tree (African Folk Tale)

Listen to the model text below. Can you draw pictures of the story whilst listening to it? Does not need to be a story map, just little pictures to allow you to gain a better understanding of the story.
Optional: Additional African folk tales by Tinga Tanga 

Fourth Lesson: Tingatinga art


The Cbeebies Tinga Tanga was named after the famous Tanzanian artist Edward Tingatinga (1932–1972).

TingaTinga Wildlife Art

Materials:CardboardPaint (Red & Yellow)ScissorsMarkersArtist & Craft Printout Glue