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Tuesday 12th May 2020

Daily Reading- 12.05.2020

I want you, as always today, to spend 10-15 minutes reading your reading book. Please make sure you are at least recording all of the books you read at the end of reading them. Once again, I have included our '60 second read' and information regarding this below, as well as the website I directed you towards yesterday to explore different books you could read! I will continue to update our 'reading tasks' on a daily basis...


'What's happening in the World Today'- 12.05.2020

Attached below is a copy of this weeks 'First News'. This is a children's newspaper and I would like the children to have a look through and read some of the articles which interest them! There are also some puzzle activities linked to some of these news articles below for the children to have a go at- good luck!


Punctuation and Grammar- 12.05.2020

Try to complete the SPAG Activity Mat, attached below, in order to revise and learn some of the SPAG concepts you should know within this year group. Remember- this is not a test- it is for your learning, so anything you do not know, you can try and find out!

Maths Learning- 12.05.2020

Lesson 2 - Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

Click the image above- this will take you to todays learning. Today, we are going to be moving our multiplication learning on a step, and multiply 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We have learnt about this before, so you should have a pretty good understanding of this. After clicking the link, go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Summer Term- Week 4- Lesson 2

Watch the learning video and then try some of the activities/ learning resources below. Remember, your lesson should last approximately 45 minutes...

English Learning- 12.05.2020

We are going to continue today with our learning about 'poetry' and the different types of poems you might encounter as you learn more about poetry.  Some of the work today will look at 'shape poems' and 'action poems'. The resources below will help you to explore this. To get your lesson started, click on the picture above- remember, your English learning should last approximately 45 minutes as well...

RE Learning- 12.05.2020


Today, we are going to explore what happens at 'Pentecost' and the impact of the holy spirit in our lives. Look at the resources below to help you, and then complete the activity related to learning about the 'Holy Spirit'.  We will continue to explore some aspects of this work in next weeks learning too...