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Tuesday 16th June 2020

Daily Reading- 16.06.2020

Please ensure you read again for 15-20 minutes today, either on Epic! or from your 'Remote Learning Reading Book'. Your '60 second read' and guidance is attached below...


SPAG Learning- 16.06.2020

Today, we are going to complete some activities related to 'Expanded Noun Phrases'. You could use these in your story today- good luck exploring!

Maths Learning- 16.06.2020

Subtract lengths

Yesterday, we looked at addition of length and, today, we are going to look at the inverse of this. What does this mean that we are looking at then? You guessed it- subtracting length...

Key Questions:

  • How many different ways can you subtract? What is length?
  • What units do we measure length in? Can you remember the conversions?


Click the image above to watch our video on 'subtracting length' and then engage in the learning activities, videos and games below in order to meet this learning intention more fully. Good luck Eagles and keep up the excellent learning!

English Learning- 16.06.2020

The 'Build Up'

The image above says it all really (if you click it, your learning will begin)! Yesterday, we looked at how you could develop your adventure/ dilemma story opening, editing and improving your writing from Friday. Each day this week, we are going to take a different part of our 'story mountain' to really 'build up' our story. As much as some of the stories were good, one thing I thought we could really work on was building our 'story mountain' structure. Remember, the intention was for our story to be themed around the Anthony Browne book 'The Tunnel'...

Click the image above to listen to the story again. Can you discuss with a parent/ brother/ sister, where the 'build up' is in this story? What is the 'build up?' (some of the resources below might help you here). Can you show your parents where you have 'built up' your story? There is no fixed formula for writing but, if you devote a paragraph to each section, it should form more of a story than your 'cold write' on Friday...


Yesterday I tried to show you the 'opening section' of my story. Below is the 'build up' to my story- see what you think:

Whilst Chloe could be extremely shy, Katie was a daredevil- she was really adventurous. Often, when the two girls were at school, Katie would dare Chloe to some things she wasn't too keen on going- venturing into the dark wooded area, observing what was behind the caretakers fence, playing dangerous games. This often led to the two girls arguing and, eventhough they were the best of friends, this was a 'stumbling block' in their friendship.

However, nothing came close to the occasion in question! Chloe had invited Katie to her house for tea, something which they did on a weekly basis. Chloe's Mum yelled, "Ten minutes until teatime girls, ten minutes"...

Katie shouted to Chloe,

"I bet you I can climb that tree at the bottom of your garden, the tall one with the uneven branches."

Chloe thought what Katie was trying to do was dangerous, yet followed her to the bottom of the garden nonetheless. As they approached the bottom of the garden, Katie noticed something. There was a massive gap in the fance, which led through to a different area of shrubland.

"Bet you can't catch me" Katie teased and, like the speed of lightning, Katie whizzed through the gap in the fence.  Chloe followed however Katie was so fast, just like a leopard, that Chloe had no chance of catching her.

The area of shrubland, just off the neighbours garden, was small in nature. Chloe clambered through the fence and look around the area. Once- twice- three times. No Katie! It must be getting towards dinner time- Mum would be waiting! Where had Katie gone?


This is my 'build up'- now, using the resources below to support you, have a try yourself at completing yours. Remember to use the resources from yesterday too, to particularly get you thinking about developing your wide use of different word classes...


Afternoon Learning (RE)- 16.06.2020

Know how St Paul had to learn to be a Christian


Good afternoon! 
Today we are looking at the following question.
Do humans need to be perfect?
Has there ever been a time when you have changed something that you believed in? Maybe you now believe in something that you didn't before? Or there is something you no longer believe in?Write this idea in your book and explain why you changed what you thought.
Firstly, watch the video by clicking the image above...


After St. Paul's epiphany, Paul wrote many letters spreading what he believed was God's word. Within these letters he spread the key beliefs of Christianity I.e. love, tolerance and understanding.
He also wrote 13 out of the 27 books in the Bible.
'16 All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realise what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. 17 God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.'
2 Timothy 3:16-17- if you have a Bible, it might be worth finding this chapter and verse...
Spend 5 minutes trying to write down 13 things that Christians know about God.
Did you find this hard or easy? Why? (You don't need to write this down).
Do you think Paul found it any easier? (You don't need to write down your answer)
Write down 3 things you think Christians could learn from the life of St. Paul. 
Finally answer the question we began with. Do you think human's have to be perfect? Why?
Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!