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Tuesday 16th June 2020

What's happening in our World today?- 15.06.2020

Click the image above to see what is happening in the news today. This 'Pobble Activity' relates to current events in the world. Then, try some of the short writing challenges after reviewing the learning. It might be that a parent can talk you through what happened- I would love to see some of your writing around this topic...

Afternoon Learning (RE)- 16.06.2020

Learn about a Jewish celebration


Good afternoon,
Today we are going to be learning about Passover, one of the most important celebrations in the Jewish calendar.
Watch the video above (click the image) and take notes to help you with the next activity. (You may want to watch it more than once).


Now write a diary entry as a Jewish child your age.
Please make sure you include the following in your writing. 
  • What preparation have you undertaken?
  •  Why is the festival so important?
  •  How did you celebrate?
  •  What is the importance of the Sedar Plate?
If you would like more information to help you, you could look at the PowerPoint presentation.
I've also added some Passover colouring for you. You don't have to do this it's just for fun.
Good luck!