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Today in class we will be completing a Maths Year 2 SATS paper to understand the areas for improvement. Please complete the Arithmetic paper and mark it. We will be also working through the answers with the children in class today, recapping areas of uncertainty. 

Setting Description


Expanded noun phrases are really important in Year 3 as they help us add needed detail and description. They help us to paint a picture in the reader's mind. In class today we will recap these and then use them to write our very own setting description of a setting in the BFG. 


You can choose to write about:

- Sophie's town

- The fields and journey back

- HIs cave


To include:

- Capital letters and full stops

- Commas in a list of adjectives (The tall, black and wilting tree)

- Expanded noun phrases

Art/History - Cave paintings

We are learning about the Stone Age and Cave paintings were a great source of evidence that told us a lot about that period of time. Can you create your own? You can use any material you have at home.