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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Daily Reading- 21.04.2020

Many of you will have now chosen a book from our 'Recommended Reading List' (attached) to read over the next week or so. Use this list to see how many of these books you can tick off on our return to school. Some of them are absolute classics! Remember, you can use your 'Reading Band' book as well to read.

In addition, attached below today is a '60 second read' for the children to complete. There will be one of these now each day of the week to challenge them to become more fluent in their reading. The theme for this week's one is 'Fantasy'- good luck Penguins and try your best to complete these!


Collective Discussions- 21.04.2020

Is it right for countries to spend money on sending people into space when so many people live in poverty on Earth?


Discuss this question with your Mum/ Dad/ Brother/ Sister (anyone in your household) across the course of the day. In your 'Remote Learning' books, can you record their answers? At the end, can you write a summary of your thoughts to this question after having different discussions? Remember, these are just your thoughts and opinions...


Punctuation and Grammar- 21.04.2020

Have a go at our next 'SPAG Activity Mat' (attached below).  These are the same ones as last week, but you are only expected to complete one a day really! Remember, you can use your computer or the internet to help you with any of the answers- this is not a test! The idea of doing these is to revise and help you to remember different parts of the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar curriculum. If there are any bits you are unsure about, please let me know.

Maths Learning- 21.04.2020

Lesson 4 - Adding decimals - crossing the whole

Click on the picture link above to access todays online learning. Today, you are looking at adding decimals but 'crossing the whole'. Once you have clicked the link, go to:

Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April)- Lesson 4- Adding Decimals Across the Whole

Watch the video and then try the activities out below. The answers are there for you to self-mark. I have also included some other activities/ videos to support your learning.

English Learning- 21.04.2020

We are going to continue with our learning about 'Poetry' today. We are going to see today however what your poetry writing is like. Complete the attached activities and then send me your poems- I would love to have a read of some of them!

Remember that your English lesson should last from 45 minutes to an hour so do not go over this time- just pick up where you left off tomorrow! If you are unsure about Expanded Noun Phrases you can look this up- it is not a test and you can get your ideas from everywhere...

Afternoon Learning (RE)- The Resurrection of Jesus

Below are some RE activities for you to complete this afternoon. Remember, just do what you can- if not, try these out tomorrow! Likewise, you do not need to complete all of the activities, perhaps just one!  I really want you to reflect on what the resurrection of Jesus means for us and write your thoughts in your 'Remote Learning' log.