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Tuesday 28th April 2020

Daily Reading- 28.04.2020

Today is, once again, a chance for you to spend 15-20 minutes reading your 'Year 3 Recommended Reading' book. Good luck trying to read it by the end of this week!

In addition, I have attached another '60 Second Read' based around our theme of 'World Religions' for you to have a try at. Are you finding you are developing your reading fluency?

I attach your 'Emoji Challenge' and, if you are able to get outside today (the weather does not look very good!) have a think about how many objects or items you can read...

This may take some thinking so I will get you started below- good luck!



Collective Discussions- 28.04.2020

I am sure you have heard about the remarkable achievements of Tom Moore and today, your collective discussion question is:


Can you gain the views of your Mum, Dad, Sister etc and stick them in your 'Remote Learning' books? What is your opinion of this- can one person make a real difference? Below are some resources which might help your thinking further- good luck!


'What's happening in the World today'...- 28.04.2020

Click the link above to have a watch of the latest 'Newsround' episode.  Which news article are you most interested in? When you next go to the shops, have a look at some of the newspaper headlines and see how they set up their newspaper articles...

Punctuation and Grammar- 28.04.2020

For the next couple of days, I thought it might be worth you- the children- showing your parents what some of these 'Punctuation and Grammar' terms mean. I am sure you will have been thinking to yourselves 'what does that mean' and these helpful guides mean you can explore with your children the terms in order to develop your knowledge and theirs. I will post the same activity and resources tomorrow so that you can become a bit more knowledgeable about them, and then see what you have learnt on Thursday. Good luck!

28.04.2020- Maths Learning

Tenths as Decimals

This is another 'recap' lesson as I know fractions and decimals are some of the hardest areas of number in the Year 3 curriculum. To ensure you progress well in Year 4, you have to have a really good understanding of these areas. Click the picture above to take you to your learning, then go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Week 1- Lesson 5- Tenths as Decimals

Watch the video and then have a try at the questions below. There are quite a few different questions to look at, so remember just to spend 45 minutes on this session.

This should also move your learning on another stage since last time...


28.04.2020- English Learning

Yesterday, you learnt about prepositions and how they can be used (and where they are used) in sentences. Today, you are going to try to put that learning into practice.

Firstly, recap on what a preposition is and what a prepositional phrase is. Then, for a set of instructions, can you match the main parts of the sentence with their prepositional phrases?

Do not worry if you get some of the order wrong- the main objective of the session is to understand what a prepositional phrase is and how they can be used in sentences...

Afternoon Learning (RE)- 28.04.2020

Today, we are going to look at and learn about the 'Ascension of Christ'. Watch the Powerpoint attached below and complete the related activities in the Powerpoint. Then, try to create a 'comic strip' of the events. Are you able to show the characters emotions through the speech in your comic strip?