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Maths - Ordering Numbers (choose your level of challenge light blue boat is easier to dark blue boat most difficult)


Today we are writing continuing the BFG recount as a class but we will work on it section by section. This is the section you are writing in your own words today:


Later that evening, I had finished tidying my dream jars so I finally decided to let the girl out of the bag but... I was nervous. I thought to myself, what will she think of me? Will she be terrified? Will she run away? I am a giant after all. Slowly, I opened the bag not knowing what to expect. She looked petrified and was shaking like a leaf. I couldn't believe how tiny she was! I thought she looked quite sweet, she definitely wasn't scary or menacing.


After a few hours, we were laughing and joking. We spoke about Giants, human beings, vegetables and how all different human beings taste. Although, she didn't seem to like talking about that so much.


At midnight, we went to bed and I thought about the evening and what had happened. I felt happy and excited to have a new friend and although I felt bad for snatching Sophie, I was also extremely glad I had made a friend.


Resources to use:

1. Box Plan you have created

2 Setting description you have created


Success Criteria:


1. Time conjunctions (Next, then, after that)

2. First person (I, me, my)

3. Past tense (ran, leapt, sprinted etc)

4.Commas in a list (green, luscious and vast meadow)

5. Expanded noun phrases (The tall trees)

Choose a reading comprehension that interests you and answer the questions: