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Tuesday 30th June 2020

Maths Learning- 30.06.2020

Hours in a day

Feedback from the classroom is that yesterday, some children found the learning extremely tricky! It really challenged whether you knew the months of the year, in what order you put them in and if you know how many days are in each month. For some of you today, you might really want to spend some time revising yesterdays learning and ensuring you understand 'months and years' in more detail.

For people who are moving on, today we are going to look at 'hours in a day'. Click the image above to start your lesson off today...

This is a sample lesson and might help your early understanding. Once you have watched this video, have a try and engage in some of our learning opportunities, videos and games below. Good luck Eagles!

English Learning- 30.06.2020

Ask questions to develop understanding

The children in the classroom yesterday seemed to really enjoy their learning based on the book 'Voices in the Park'. It was lovely to run through with them that the book is based around different viewpoints and we spotted, in the text, some things I had never seen in the book before. Click the image below to read the book again- it is worth reading the story a few times I think...



There are lots of 'Youtube' videos you can look at of people reading the story, so you could explore other versions as well...


Task 1: Look at the images of the pictures in the book. Is there anything puzzling you in the images? Do you have any questions you would like to ask the author and illustrator Anthony Browne?


After completing this, click the question mark above to watch a video about 'asking questions about a text'. In this story, there are four different voices from four different characters. Can you explain to a parent/ brother/ sister who these different voices are? Can you see how their stories link together?


Having read the book again, we are now going to look at the different questions you might ask yourself about the book. Some of these questions might be on your thoughts of the story:

What do you like/ dislike about the story?


After reading it again, some questions might get you thinking more...


What questions does it make you want to ask?


Finally, some questions might explore the book in more detail:


What patterns do you notice?


Task 2: For your second learning task today, complete the grid attached, thinking about the sort of questions you might ask. Either copy the grid into your 'Remote Learning' book or print this out.


As a final learning activity, I would like you to explore the park, what it might have in it and what you might: hear, see, smell, taste and feel if you were in the park. Here is an image of a park below:



Yesterday, we started to list things we might see in a park. Today, we are going to begin writing about a park (as a short write really). Mine might go something like:


In the spacious, tranquil park, I can hear the splutter of children paddling in the stream, getting their feet really wet as the heat engulfs them. I can see mothers chattering to one another while their children play together. I am able to taste sausages on a barbeque and can feel the sand floating in between my fingers from the sandpit...


Task 3: Can you create a description of the park? Really think about and consider what you might see and use your five senses to help you. In addition, think about how your writing can be 'creative'...


SPAG Learning- 30.06.2020

Sentences with different forms: statement, question, exclamation, command...

Click the image above to listen to a song about statements, questions, exclamation and commands...


Then, have a go at seeing if you can colour the correct ones below...

Afternoon Learning (Science)- 30.06.2020

Exploring- Attracting and Repelling

We had an excellent Science lesson yesterday using magnets! I know this might be trickier for you at home to understand and get hold of magnets like this, however some of the resources below will support your understanding I imagine! Click the image above as well to see some videos linked to 'magnetism'.


Like I said, your lesson might be slightly different to the one we completed yesterday. We saw which magnets attracted and repelled each other from their poles, how many objects we could connect to a magnet and played some small games and challenges within our experiments.


To start today, watch the video on magnetic poles by clicking the image below:


Discuss the questions and explanations on the Lesson Presentation.
From here onwards, children should try to work through as much of the session Powerpoint and related activities as they can below!


Usually, today would not be a Science day. However, I have chosen to add this today as I wanted to see how this would all pan out yesterday- good luck my 'Remote Eagles'...

Afternoon Learning (30.06.2020)- Religious Education

 Understand how we use our gifts to help others...

Click the image above to watch a video of a Bible story. This story explains to us that God provides gifts to all people and is a parable from Jesus' time.


This clip could be used to think about God's power and gifts. Ask your child to share what the best present they have received is. Why was it so good? Who was it from? Did they have to wait a long time for it? Next, ask the your child to pretend that they are God and they can give just one gift to the world. What would it be and why?


To further develop your understanding of this lesson, I found a document with a range of activities to prompt your thinking. Try to work through a couple of them and record any work you undertake in your 'Remote Learning' book...


By the end of this session, I want you to understand what gifts you have and how you can help others with the gifts you are given...