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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Today is the last work I will set you before the Easter holidays. Tomorrow will be a chance for you to complete any work you have not finished! However, under tomorrows 'Remote Learning resources', I will include some challenges and activities for you to complete and in different areas of our class page, I will include some bits you can try over the holidays. I will also add in any photos and other documents for you to have a look at.


Daily Reading- 31.03.2020

Read 'The Romans Reading Comprehension' activity (attached below). Either someone can read it to you or you can read this yourselves. Then, try to answer the questions attached either with somebody (discuss the text) or independently.


Collective Discussions- 31.03.2020


Are school uniforms a good idea?

This is a chance for you to discuss this question around a table, maybe with your Mum/ Dad, brother or sister.  Write down different people's opinions in your 'Remote Learning' book. What is the overall outcome? What are the good things about a school uniform and the bad things?


What's happening in our World today?- 31.03.2020


Have a look at what is happening in our world today...

Click the link above to take you to what I would like you to watch...



31.03.2020- Maths Learning

Today, I would like children to undertake two learning tasks so that I can see where their learning is currently at. They can bring both of these documents into school on our return or you could self mark them with your child. It is not a test, just something for them to work through (you may assist them).  They could complete one today and one tomorrow! In addition, I have placed some documents and websites below for them to play some games to keep their Maths minds engaged.


One website has been designed by Carol Vorderman called 'The Maths Factor'.  Many of the resources are free for children to have a go at these. Children can challenge themselves in any of the areas!

31.03.2020- English Learning

I would love if, by the end of this week, I could read some of your 'Myths' and add them to our class page! This is why, for today's English learning activity, I would like you to 'type up' your finalised version of your myth. This is your final draft, having gone through the planning stages, to the first draft stage then onto our edit and evaluating stage and finally, your final product. Complete the last three 'editing and evaluating' stations (in the resources below) and you should be well away! Could you find some pictures to place into your document which set that mythical scene?

If not, could you present it as a Powerpoint, with your own unique features so you can tell the class your story.

Once you feel like you have finished, have a look at the English section of our class page if you still want to continue to practise your skills, or the resources below.

31.03.2020- English Learning

31.03.2020- LI: Recall parts of the Easter story.

As we are approaching Easter, I thought it would be a good idea today for children to further develop their understanding of the 'Easter story'.  At this time, we can sometimes forget that we are coming up to our Easter holidays and the significance of this period. Below is a Powerpoint which should guide you through the learning for today, with activities attached for children to complete.  You can try some of them. The main idea behind these learning opportunities is for your child to understand what happened to Jesus at Easter. All learning can be completed in your child's 'Remote Learning' journal.  For this activity, children can draw the pictures and events if they would prefer, showing knowledge which goes beyond this understanding.