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Today, could you have a look at the website (link below) on which are a selection of poems written during WWII


When reading the poems could you identify some common themes that you notice and make a note of them. 


After this I would like you to write your own poem from the perspective of someone living through World War II. This could be the perspective of an evacuee, a solider or someone waiting for a loved one to return from war. 


This can be written in your book or on the computer. 


please take a picture and send it to me if it is in your book. If it is on the computer, please send it to me as an attachment on the email. 



Your challenge today is to draw a floorplan of your house. Could you predict the area and perimeter of each room and find a way of measuring this. 


When you have predicted could you measure each room and work out the perimeter and area. 


Could you use this information to draw a floorplan of your house in your book. 


When you have done this can you please send me a picture via email.