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Wednesday 13th May 2020

Daily Reading- 13.05.2020

Epic! Books- Reading Resources for children at home...

Yesterday, I read an email from Erika and her parents saying that she had been reading books from a website called Epic! I thought I would take a look and came across a wealth of reading resources on there for your child to access remotely. You should have been sent an email to your primary email address in order for you to access the website (please let me know if not). Instead of your daily reading as normal today, I would like you to explore the website- you can still do your daily reading if you want too! Attached below is your '60 second read' with guidance as well. Any questions, please let me know and good luck!


Thinking Learning- 13.05.2020

Attached to this page are 'Short Thinking Exercises 7 and 8'. Can you try to complete these in the form of a mindmap in your 'Remote Learning' books. Could you try to give at least five examples for each answer? Include your parents to get them thinking alongside you as well...

Urban Strides Dance

Some of you went to the O2 this year and saw 'Urban Strides' in action. They were incredibly inspiring!

Today, at 10:00am, via their Facebook page, they have a 50 minute live set which I would love for some of you to engage in (I know Mrs Springate and Mrs Dhitima would as well).  Click the image above to get involved- more information about the workshop is below:


I wanted to remind you to join Andy Instone tomorrow at 10am for a 50 min injection of positivity, movement and fun! Plus some key tips for staying positive, resilient and maintaining a positive state of mental health in these turbulent times.
This week we will be looking into “The Power of forgiveness”, find out how small issues can have a compound negative effect without us even realising it and why developing your ability to forgive is a critical skill you need, especially right now. Discover why you may need to forgive more often than you think, and how this simple regular practice brings more joy in to our lives, less resentment, and a clearer mind. Plus you’ll realise why holding on resentment is so toxic to your health and more importantly what you can do to fix it!
If you haven’t checked our lives out yet, join us! This is one not to miss!

Maths Learning- 13.05.2020

Lesson 3 - Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number

Today, we are going to change our focus slightly. Yesterday, we looked at multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number.  We are switching focus today to division, but quite basic division- numbers will only be two digits so what is the largest number you are likely to get?

Questions to discuss:

  • What is division?
  • What ways do you know how to divide? Do you know some methods for division?
  • What 'steps to success' do we need for division?


Click the image above and then go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Summer Term- Week 4- Lesson 3

Watch the video and then have a try at the linked activities below. Unfortunately, WRM have now made all of their resources at 'premium price' but we are looking into whole school membership for this!

English Learning- 13.05.2020

Click the image above and this will start your poetry learning for today- Michael Rosen will give you some tips on how to perform stories but, in particular, poems for this week...

At the end of today, I would like you to perform your poem to your family. Todays learning is all about taking a poem and making it your own, using the poem to 'magpie' ideas. There is also some SPAG learning in the session- you don't need to cut bits up- you could just write them in the columns they are supposed to go in!

In addition, can you find a poem you like which you could use for tomorrow and Fridays learning? Good luck Eagles...

History and Geography Learning- 13.05.2020

Unfortunately, I will not be there to teach you this lesson on the Victorians today. We are going to take a step backwards if that is okay and by the end of this session, you should know when the Victorian period was and have looked at some sources from the Victorian period. Have a look at the resources below...

I would discard the lesson plan and perhaps just undertake these two activities:

  • Putting the periods of history in order via the timeline- this will help you to understand when the Victorian period was...
  • Looking at the paintings and seeing what you can deduce from the Victorian period from these...

Remember, spend no more than 45 minutes on this session- anything you can do with this will help your understanding about the Victorians. Good luck!