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Wednesday 20th May 2020

Daily Reading- 20.05.2020

Below is your '60 second read' for today- have you spotted the theme yet? It looks like people are reading some fabulous books at the moment so keep this up, whether online or just at home. Particularly with this improving weather, it is really good to just be able to sit outside and read (although I have not had much time yet to just do that)...


SPAG Learning- 20.05.2020

Today, we are going to continue to try to use the past and present tense correctly in our written work. Click the image above to watch a video about the basic tenses- what is the other one we have not heard about yet? Then, have a try at the activity below to develop your understanding...

This weeks 'Picture News' learning...

Firstly today, we are going to have an assembly. Click the image above to watch the assembly from the 18th May. Then, using the Picture News resources below,  try some of the activities based on our learning in your 'Remote Learning' book. Hope it gets you thinking!

Maths Learning- 20.05.2020

Subtract 2-digits from 3-digits

Click the image above which will take you to a video of todays learning intention. Today, we are looking at subtracting and the different ways we can subtract. Do you know any methods of subtracting? What does subtraction mean?

Once you think you understand this, in order to meet the learning outcome, engage in the resources below. Good luck Eagles!

English Learning- 20.05.2020

Have you ever heard of the saying 'The Midas Touch?' Do you know where this saying comes from? Today, we are going to learn about this saying. There seem to be many myths involving King Midas, however this one is definitely his most famous one...

Watch the video above which will give you an understanding of the story for our learning today. For today, we are going to start off very simple. Normally, when we are in school, we complete a comprehension session each week to develop your reading skills. Below are some reading comprehension activities- can you complete one of them? After that, begin to recreate your storyboard and see if you can remember what order the events in the story go in. We will be using this story until Friday, so you will have plenty of time to get used to it!

In your 'Remote Learning' Book, could you consider and answer these questions for me:

  • How would you feel if everything you touched turned to gold?
  • What would you miss the most? Do you think it would make you happy?
  • You have the chance to wish for one thing- what could it be and why?


I will be really interested to see you answer to these... Good luck!

Afternoon Learning (History/ Geography)- 20.05.2020

Prominent Victorians

Click the image above- this will take you to the 'BBC Teach' website which displays five very famous individuals who were alive during the Victorian era (you might have heard of some of them). Choose one of them to focus on today...

Watch their video to understand more about them and really gain an understanding of why they were famous. As you watch the video, make notes on what they discovered/ learnt/ understood which made them famous and significant to the Victorian period. All of these individuals are still widely recognised today!

Then, produce a short presentation yourself (perhaps it could be filmed and sent to me?) about what you have learnt today about one of these individuals. It might be you can find out more about them after you have watched the video- could you give me a fascinating fact in your video as well?

I know one of these people has significant links to Kent (I have been to there house!). Could you perhaps choose this person and tell me which individual it is and what your learnt. The possibilities are endless!

Good luck explorers and I hope you enjoy delving further into the world of the Victorians...