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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Daily Reading- 22.04.2020

I understand from your messages that many of you are enjoying the books you are currently reading. This is brilliant and next week, you will have a new book challenge for the next couple of reads. Today, spend 15-20 minutes reading your 'Reading for Pleasure' Book. The graphic below may help you to understand why I would like you to read each day...



In addition to your normal reading, there is another '60 second reading challenge' with guidance for you and your parents. Do you remember what our theme is about this week? Todays reading is all about 'Robot Revenge'.


'Thinking Learning'- 22.04.2020

Have a look at the attached Powerpoint below. There are two challenges to get you thinking and you can record your answers in your 'Remote Learning' book. Particularly while we are in 'Lockdown', it is really useful to keep our brains thinking...

Good luck- you can talk about these questions with your parents/ brother/ sister etc.

Have a look at the picture below as well- our '6 Thinking Hats'. This might get you thinking about what this means too...


Punctuation and Grammar- 22.04.2020

For todays SPAG game, click on the picture below to try to complete 'The Quest for Comma Castle'...



Maths Learning- 22.04.2020

Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

Click the picture above to take you to your learning for today and follow the instructions below:

Go to:

Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April)- Lesson 1- Adding Decimals with the same number of places


Watch the video and then complete the worksheets below. There are also some additional materials to have a look at and explore...

English Learning- 22.04.2020

For the remainder of this week, we are going to continue the theme of 'Poetry' and just gain a stronger understanding/ immerse ourselves within poetry. Click the picture above to see one of my favourite poems!


Can you find a poem you really like and tell me why you like it? Below are some other poems and resources to use to continue to immerse yourself in poetry and develop your understanding of poetry further. Can you have a look at these and complete them?

Remember, your English learning should last no longer than 45 minutes- 1 hour.

Afternoon Learning (History/ Geography)- 22.04.2020

This term, had we been at school, we would have been learning about 'The Indus Valley'.  It is still excellent however to make the most of these learning opportunities!

Click the picture above to watch some videos linked to 'The Indus Valley'.

Could you find a map of 'The Indus Valley' and draw it?

Read through the Powerpoint below and, at the end, see what you can remember. You could create a mindmap/ poster to see what you can remember...

Next week, we will begin to focus in on different aspects more fully!