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Wednesday 24th June 2020

Daily Reading- 24.06.2020


The expectation is, this week, that you spend 15 minutes reading from Epic! or from your reading book. I know many of you are engaging very well with this! Attached to this page however are short tasks you could look to complete in addition to this time to get you away from your screens. Too much time is not good for you! Good luck with these...

Maths Learning- 24.06.2020

Lesson 3 - Horizontal and vertical

The past couple of days, you have been looking at comparing angles and identifying right angles. Today, we are going to be looking at horizontal and vertical lines. Click the image above to watch the video. Go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Summer Term- Week 9- Lesson 3

Then, think about these questions:

Key Questions:

  • In what shapes can we see horizontal and vertical lines? Do you know which way a horizontal/ vertical line goes?
  • Can you think of any other area of Maths where we use horizontal and vertical lines? Can you identify them?


Once you have completed the above, have a try at our learning resources, games and videos below to develop your understanding of this area...

English Learning- 24.06.2020

Click the image above to listen to the story of 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne once again. Do you remember last week we read 'The Tunnel' and this week we are focusing on 'Gorilla'?


Today, you are going to have to recap on 'The Tunnel' too, so click below so you can listen to this one again,,,


Task 1- Record in your 'Remote Learning Book' which out of the two stories you prefer...

Which do you think is a better adventure story? Which one follows our 'story mountain structure' more?


Here is our story mountain structure again to help you...

Today, we are going to look in depth at this structure. Can you try to section both stories into these 'story mountain' parts? Below is a blank story mountain to help you. Where does one part end and the next part begin? I want you to try to answer these questions in your 'Remote Learning Book', and you need to use both stories to help you for this:


Which of the five story mountain parts is the longest in these stories? Is it the same for both books? Why do you think that might be? Why does the adventure take up much more time and pages than the character descriptions? What would be wrong with a story that spent 10 pages describing the characters and 2 pages describing their adventure? This is task 2 for you today...


Finally for today, you now have a challenge which is likely to take you the remainder of the session. Good luck!


I want you to find a mystery or an adventure story available to you at home (two or three would help). It doesn’t matter how long or short the story is. Can you count how many pages (or, for longer stories, how many chapters) make up the ‘opening/introduction’, how many are in the ‘problem/unusual event’ part, how many make up the resolution and how many the ending. Make a simple table to record the results. Was the adventure the longest part in every story? Which was the shortest part?


This is more of an investigation today- there are no right or wrong answers and it is more for your interpretation. It might be (fingers crossed!) that you can spot some patterns here too...



Afternoon Learning (24.06.2020)- History/ Geography

Developing understanding of 'settlements'

Today, we are going to explore where you might settle...

We have learnt about early settlers, the different types of settlement etc. Now, we are going to think about good places to settle in Kent!

I heard one member of the class the other week had gone to visit a Hamlet, Village and Town and noted down what they saw which was the same and what was different. Another excellent exercise is to go to two villages and compare them- what are the similarities/ differences within them?


If you cannot do something like this and record it in your 'Remote Learning' book, below are some alternative resources you can use to uncover what a strong site for settlement looks like. To start your learning, click the image above...

Good luck Eagles- remember, if you have any questions or work related to this, just email me!