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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Daily Reading- 29.04.2020

Once again today, you have 15-20 minutes worth of reading time to attempt to finish your 'Recommended Reading Book'. It is great to see so many of you reading different books, some fiction and some non-fiction books as well.

Below are two additional reading activities- I am attempting to make you think about how different reading can be and trying to engage you in it as much as possible.

One of these activities is your '60 second read'- our topic is on 'World War II' so have a try at this activity.  

The other one is just a 'Spring Activity Pack' for you to have a look at and work through at your leisure- you might not get much of it completed in addition to the work I set but just in case you want a bit extra!


'Thinking Learning'- 29.04.2020


Attached below is a PowerPoint with two slides to get you 'thinking' this morning about choices you might make. Discuss these with your parents/ brother/ sister and write their thoughts about them too in your 'Remote Learning' book. I like to keep your brain working and thinking each and every morning. Good luck! 

Punctuation and Grammar- 28.04.2020


For the next couple of days, I thought it might be worth you- the children- showing your parents what some of these 'Punctuation and Grammar' terms mean. I am sure you will have been thinking to yourselves 'what does that mean' and these helpful guides mean you can explore with your children the terms in order to develop your knowledge and theirs. I will post the same activity and resources tomorrow so that you can become a bit more knowledgeable about them, and then see what you have learnt on Thursday. Good luck!

English learning- 29.04.2020

Today, I would like to see some of your story writing skills and have decided to set you a challenge...



To write a short quest style tale.


You may want to think about:

- An interesting setting

- Introduction of your key characters

- A quest or problem to overcome


Try you best and don't worry, we will be learning more about this in the weeks to come!



Afternoon learning- Topic (History/ Geography) 29.04.2020



This week we are going to learn about the work of some of the key explorers who helped to discover the Indus Valley civilisation and explain what they found.

Please have a look at the presentation and then choose an explorer to research, using the sheets below.

Maths Learning- 29.04.2020

Factors and Multiples

I apologise Year 5 that yesterdays Maths you had already completed.  This therefore means that, I feel, we need to move onto another topic. This topic should be something you are revising and, I think, is simpler to gain a grasp on than some of the work you have completed over the past few weeks. Nevertheless, it is essential you have an understanding of this. You do not need to click the picture above today- all of the resources you will need to support you are below.

Complete the questions from the pack and use the resources around it to supplement your learning. Good luck- another reminder that your learning should last approximately 45 minutes in this subject!