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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Daily Reading- 29.04.2020

Once again today, you have 15-20 minutes worth of reading time to attempt to finish your 'Recommended Reading Book'. It is great to see so many of you reading different books, some fiction and some non-fiction books as well.

Below are two additional reading activities- I am attempting to make you think about how different reading can be and trying to engage you in it as much as possible.

One of these activities is your '60 second read'- our topic is on 'World Religions' so have a try at this activity.  

The other one is just a 'Spring Activity Pack' for you to have a look at and work through at your leisure- you might not get much of it completed in addition to the work I set but just in case you want a bit extra!


'Thinking Learning'- 29.04.2020

Attached below is a PowerPoint with two slides to get you 'thinking' this morning about choices you might make. Discuss these with your parents/ brother/ sister and write their thoughts about them too in your 'Remote Learning' book. I like to keep your brain working and thinking each and every morning. Good luck! 

Punctuation and Grammar- 28.04.2020


For the next couple of days, I thought it might be worth you- the children- showing your parents what some of these 'Punctuation and Grammar' terms mean. I am sure you will have been thinking to yourselves 'what does that mean' and these helpful guides mean you can explore with your children the terms in order to develop your knowledge and theirs. I will post the same activity and resources tomorrow so that you can become a bit more knowledgeable about them, and then see what you have learnt on Thursday. Good luck!

Maths Learning- 29.04.2020

Fractions on a number line

Today is another opportunity to revise some of the learning we completed last term. Today, we will be reviewing 'Fractions on a number line' before we move onto a different area of Maths next week. Do you remember/ recall this learning from before?

To access the learning, click on the image above and go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Week 2- Lesson 1- Fractions on a number line

Additional resources to support your learning and to complete in your 'Remote Learning' book are attached below.

English Learning- 29.04.2020

Next week, we are going to begin to develop our understanding and write a non-chronological report. For the rest of this week however, I want to make sure those basic elements to your writing are sorted out and focus on some things I noticed in class many of you were struggling with.

For some of you, todays learning might seem fairly simple. Click the link above and this will take you to it.

Todays session is all about 'Writing sentences'. The aim by the end of today is that you understand what a sentence is, you know how to write one and you understand the basic punctuation you can use. Good luck and enjoy your learning!

Afternoon Learning- History/ Geography (29.04.2020)

Do you know who is in the picture above? Who do you think it might be? Can you infer anything from this picture?

As mentioned before, this term we will be learning more about the Victorians. Have a look at the attached PowerPoint entitled 'The life of a Victorian'. You can see, from this PowerPoint, that the lives of rich and poor people during the Victorian period was very different.

Could you draw a table to compare what the lives of rich and poor people were like during the Victorian era? You can use other sources and resources in addition to the PowerPoint to help you as well. Can you find any pictures of rich and poor Victorians and, if you can print them, you could make a collage in your 'Remote Learning' book.

The main aim for the end of the lesson is that you gain an understanding of the different lives rich and poor people lived during the Victorian era. Click the image above to get started...