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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Daily Reading- 03.06.2020

Attached below is your '60 second read' for today. Good luck with this! In addition, please ensure you read for 15 minutes, whether this is on Epic!, using your reading book, before you go to bed etc.



Punctuation and Grammar- 03.06.2020

As we are looking at 'Persuasive Writing', I have decided today to base our learning around this topic. Today, we will be looking at 'modal verbs' and how to use them. See the learning in the documents below and enjoy!

Maths Learning- 03.06.2020

Subtract 3-digit numbers

Today, we are going to continue with our subtraction learning. Yesterday, the majority of your questions should have involved no exchanging. However today, the vast majority of your questions will involve exchanging like the question in the example above. So what does exchanging mean then? Click the image to find out more about exchanging.

Then, engage in the learning opportunities below which link with this theme. I am sure you all feel you are becoming 'whizz kids' at subtraction, so I have thrown in a few more tricky subtraction problems too! Good luck!

Whizz Kidd Subtraction Question

'Is it always, sometimes or never true that the difference between two odd numbers is odd'.

Try to show me using exchanging and no exchanging. Can you give me a range of different examples for this?  This is quite a tricky challenge...

English Learning- 03.06.2020

Developing our understanding of persuasion

You might remember yesterday that we really looked at a couple of 'WOW' day lessons. Designing a script or a TV advert for your new author based theme park/ world/ resort/ land is a gruelling task. But, from our examples yesterday, you can see where this really comes to life!

Today, we are going to calm things down a little. This will also give you time to finish any work which you need to finish from Monday and Tuesday!

Click the image above to start todays learning....

Eventhough this resource is for older children, I think you will be able to manage it. Read all parts of the lesson and watch the videos, making notes in your 'Remote Learning' book as you go. The main thing to remember though is PERSUADE- can you remember what each part of the mnemonic stands for?


Have a look at the three adverts in the attached documents below- they are almost like posters for adverts. Using these posters, I want you to be:


What persuasive features can you see? 

Could you use PERSUADE to see if you can find any of these features? Highlight your PERSUADE in different colours like I have mine and colour code it against the three posters.


Finally, you might even want to get ahead- you have been asked to design a poster advert (not a TV advert like before!)  for your 'Book Related Attraction'. Use the planning sheet below to help you with this. On Thursday, you will design this advert, so like I said one lesson will continue to roll into the other for this week. Good luck!

History/ Geography Learning- 03.06.2020

Understanding the different types of settlement

Click the image above and this will take you to the BBC Bitesize website. Watch the content and access the learning on 'settlements' first of all. This will help you with the next part of your learning today. This term, we are going to be combining understanding and describing settlements with some of our 'Hop Picking' learning from last term.


Look at the four pictures of the different types of settlement. Which one does Ashford fit into? Could you try to find a map of Ashford and the surrounding area? Do you know which ones are hamlets, villages, towns or cities?


Now, have a look at the Powerpoint below. This explains settlements in a little more detail for you and the purposes of different settlements. Can you sort my six pictures into which settlement you think they are part of? Can you explain why for me?


So which settlement would Ashford fall into? Can you explain your reasons why? What type of town is Ashford? All of your learning and your findings can go in your 'Remote Learning' book for this...