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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Daily Reading- 06.05.2020

Continue reading your 'Recommended Reading Book' for Year 3. If you have not already, complete your 'Book Review'. You should try to continue reading for 15-20 minutes everyday, even if you have finished your reading book.

Attached below is our '60 second read' on 'The Romans' as well. Good luck reading and exploring today as I continue to try to look at and provide you lots more reading resources until we return together!


Thinking Learning- 06.05.2020

Attached is a short Powerpoint below with two 'thinking activities'. Record your own thoughts and your parents thoughts in your 'Remote Learning' book. This is to get you really thinking about personal choice, the world around us, mindset etc. Good luck!


Punctuation and Grammar- 06.05.2020

Today, you are focusing around a skill you might need for your Non-Chronological Report. The theme is all around 'heading and subheadings to aid presentation'. The resources you need to practice your SPAG objective for the day are below- good luck SPAG explorers...


Maths Learning- 06.05.2020

Lesson 3 - Subtract money

Today, we are going to look at subtracting money, having looked at adding money yesterday. As before, click the link above to get to the lesson and watch the video. You should go to:

Home Learning- Year 3- Summer Term - Week 3 (w/c 4th May)- Lesson 3

Then, complete the activities and games below. A reminder that the lesson should be no longer than an hour, so keep an eye on the time yourselves. You can self-mark the learning or get your parents to look through it with you!

English Learning- 06.05.2020

Today, I want you to look at and try planning a Non-Chronological report in preparation for writing one more fully tomorrow.  This week, you have mainly looked at and focused on Non-Chronological Reports in games at home. We are going to change our focus today to check your understanding and see if you can write one in a different context.


Click on the image above. This will take you to something I was watching last week- a virtual tour of 'Chester Zoo'. I love going to the zoo and seeing the animals- I even recently for my daily exercise completed a walk around the outside of Port Lympne Zoo (something for you to perhaps try over the Bank Holiday weekend).


Watch a couple of the videos and then make a decision on one of the animals to focus on for your non-chronological report. It does not have to be one of these however- you can choose an animal!


Have a look through some of the resources below to help you- there are examples of non-chronological reports and some resources to help you PLAN what you are going to write. Complete the planning sheet in preparation for tomorrow. It is not the same as going to the zoo but it might be as close as we can get for a while!



History/ Geography Learning- 06.05.2020

Today, we are going to be continuing our learning about 'The Victorians' as part of our 'Victorian Learning' topic. We are going to be looking at what life was like in 'Victorian Schools'.


Click on the image above. Watch the video of what Victorian Schooling might have been like. Can you write down the similarities/ differences between then and today in the form of a chart. Then, have a look through and complete the activities and resources below. By the end of your learning, I want you to understand more about Victorian Schooling and be able to explain some of the similarities/ differences between then and today...