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Week 5: 01.02.2021

Monday 1st February- Subtraction crossing 10 (2)

LI: To complete a number subtraction number sentence that crosses 10.

Tuesday 2nd February - Related facts

LI: To be able to identify related facts.

Wednesday 3rd February - Compare number sentences

LI: To be able to compare two number sentences.

Thursday 4th February: Maths Lesson

LI: To look at 10s and 1s.

The worksheet below can work alongside the video to help record and measure the children's understanding of 10s and 1s. The number line can also be used to help get to the right answer.  

Friday 5th February: Addition and Subtraction

Still image for this video
LI: To be able to solve addition and subtraction problems.

You will need a pen or pencil and you will need to look at the handout below. Watch the video and then complete the Maths activity below.

Maths addition and subtraction handout