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Week beginning 16/04/2020

(I will add a work document at the bottom of the page with the work uploaded so it can be printed off easily.)






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Comic strip!


I would like you to create a comic strip about your time off, except you will be required to change one key element.


Within this comic book, you have one super power, and that super power is completely up to you. In your comic strip, everything around you/the world will remain as it is except your one super power (which again, you can decide).


These should be drawn, written and coloured (as long as you have access to colours). 


I am looking forward to seeing these, took send them to either myself or Mrs Griffith once you have finished.




You may have seen that there are rainbows up in many windows across the country (both on the news and as you walk around).


I would like you to ensure that you have one up in your window, so as other children go on their daily walk. They will see the rainbows and it will help give them just a little bit of happiness!





5 questions:


5436 divided by 22


(160 + 40) x 6


5466 + 13,494


three eighths of 9600


25% of 12000





How have you shown resilience over the past three weeks? 


I think that all of you should be very proud of yourself for what you have achieved by remaining at home and working hard. 


What have you been doing over this time? How have you remained positive? What have you spent your time doing?


Have you cooked? Helped with the gardening? Read? Created a project?


Let Mrs Griffith and I know, email your responses to us!


(This should form a paragraph or two which is punctuated correctly, checked for spellings and using all the different types of grammatical features we use within the classroom. Such as, modal verbs, relative clauses etc.