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Week beginning 18/05/2020

As many of you have seen in the news, the government has helped to create a great resource on Bitesize.


It will have a variety of different lessons with lots of great resources and lots of celebrities helping in their own respective fields. I am happy if you want to follow this instead of the work I will be putting on separately.


-I want to highlight these pieces of work, if you would rather carry out the work on Bitesize for that particular day, that is absolutely fine. 





Another resource is below:


The Oak Academy is a resource created by the government similar to BBC Bitesize.


It has daily lessons and has a teacher presenting the lesson and a variety of resources, If you have access to it, it's certainly a good resource to help!


Hope it helps,


Mr Bradley

Friday 22nd May





Morning everyone. Mrs G setting your English today. A little disappointed to see so little work submitted so far - I hope there is more to come!. Those who have sent me their work, Wednesday's class movie casting task was hilarious - I have laughed out loud to read your suggested casting. I can't wait to tell Mrs Brown who you have cast in the role of Mrs Brown - Headteacher. 


If you haven't already done so, please go back to Wednesday's work and try and get this done. Here's why....


I want to try and put together a virtual leaver's service and I need contributions from all 32 of you. Your task today is to think about the sentence/subject prompts that are available below. Think carefully - make them funny, poignant, interesting. THESE NEED TO BE SENT TO ME as soon as possible but certainly by JUNE 8th. Wednesday's movie casting task is included in this.


You can choose to write them - ideally on a computer so easier to attach, send a photo of your work or film your response. You can type directly onto the document you open, just save it inserting your name. However, if filming directly - please have a script of what you are going to say first. Any videos need to be in mp4 format and no bigger than 75 mb. Once received, I will choose some, contact you and ask you to make a film clip. These will all be compiled to make something  poignant and fun for you to remember your time at St Teresa's. In your group chats, please encourage each other to do this.


I have posted 2 videos today. One's an out take which I thought would make you smile. 

Take one!!!

Still image for this video
This morning's first attempt!!!!

Take 2

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The Question Prompts for today's English.

Thursday 21st May





Morning everyone. Mrs G here and I am setting English today. I have recorded the task on video but here's a brief synopsis of the task in case the video isn't clear. As you know, I enjoy a good game when it comes to SPaG and so I thought I'd hand things over to you to see what you can come up with.

I would like you to invent a game to test SPaG. Make it, play it but most importantly, I'd like you to write the instructions of how to play, how to score and how to win.

You will need an "aim" statement: The aim of the game is ........

You will need to have a title for your game, number of players and recommended ages (obviously it needs to be suitable for you so I would suggest age 10+)

You will need to have sections to explain how to play, how to score, how to win.


Remember, instructional writing uses imperative verbs : Select, place, withdraw.... and sequencing conjunctions: Firstly, next, before etc. Banned words: get, put,  then,  do. You may only use an imperative verb once, then come up with synonyms- so you can't start all your instructions "move" for example.


Include fronted adverbials, bullet points or numbered instructions. Make your writing shine. A reminder of the word classes - noun, verb, adjective, adverb. pronoun, conjunction,preposition, determiner. You could also use modal verbs, relative clauses, fronted adverbials, ISPACE, tenses, vocabulary etc as subjects for your game. 


Ideas: a board game with dice and counters where you start with a sentence and as you progress across the board you have to change nouns, add relative clauses, change the tense etc or any other board game - an adaptation of Monopoly perhaps.


Top Trumps where word classes have values and you might play Adverb:: gingerly 89 wins over Adverb: quickly 18.


Paper and Pen  games like naming an adverb, noun, verb etc beginning with "b" in a minute.


Dice games; Throw a 6 and list 6 verbs etc


Card games; matching definitions and words, matching SPaG terms with  their definition etc. You can even design an agility game outside as long as there is SPaG involved and as long as there are written instructions.


I hope you have fun doing this activity. Please email me the instructions. And of you are bored at home, why not drop me an email just to say how you are and what you've been doing. I promise to reply.

Design a SPaG game

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Here's today'e English task

Wednesday 20th May





Morning Beaver's Class. I have made a quick film to tell you about today's English. In case it doesn't load, here's the gist! I'd like you to imagine Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino are going to make a movie about Beaver's Class in Year 6. I want you to put your creative hats on and decide which famous megastars would play Mr Bradley, me, any other staff member that would come in. Who would play you or your best friend?What are the big dramas that would need to be captured in the movie - the romance, the tragedy, the drama, the humour? Please write down your ideas or film yourself talking about them. Please start your work, 


If a movie was made about Beaver's class,.....



From Mrs Griffith

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Here's your English challenge for Wednesday 20th May. Have fun.

Tuesday 19th May




Monday 18th May 







Read the Fact Cards and add any relevant information to the Fact Hunt cards.

Fact Cards:

Fact hunt: