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Week beginning 23/03/2020

Freddy is working, are you?

What to do if i've finished my work, checked my folder, played TTR and had a go on Prodigy? Well take a look!

Chester Zoo virtual zoo - open for animals lovers like you today!

P E with Joe


TV's fitness guru Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, is launching a daily LIVE workout for kids every morning, Mon - Fri, at 9 a.m.  This could be fun for the whole family. Tune into his Youtube channel, The Body Coach TV, to challenge your family to see just who is the fittest. Take some photos maybe and email them to us!



Monday - onwards


English 1 hour -


Over the course of the time off, I would like you to record a diary entry each day, writing about your day and what you have done. This could potentially be an amazing piece of history which you could look upon in years to come.


I expect it to be fully punctuated, use fronted adverbials, possibly even figurative language.


You could read this to your grandchildren in many years to come, it could be the pivotal point in your history.


I look forward to reading these, feel free to send me them via email.


Maths 1 hour  -


Friday 27th March 2020




 Answers from yesterdays maths:





Activity for today:





Write word problems for 5 of the questions from the book. The funnier the better, but must be correct!





I would like you to make a word search using these spellings (by hand) not by computer. 


1. infectious

2. ambitious 

3. cautious

4. nutritious 

5. disease

6. vicious

7. delicious

8. anxious

9. malicious

10. gracious

11. precious

12. isolate


If you do not know the meaning of some of these words, it's probably worth looking them up aswell!







Downloadable Photos - the same as on the website

Thursday 26th March 2020




(I am aware that you cannot see a couple on A, therefore, please do a couple of questions from a different section if that is the section you have chosen for the day)



You should show your working out into your book.




Using the story plan you used yesterday, I would like you to write a story about a character or two from the Titanic. It should be fictional and just like the book we are reading within class, it should follow them on a journey of their time on the Titanic.


Again, the same words as yesterday are banned so please check back and see which words you are not allowed to use.




Investigate Charles Darwin, what did he do? 


Charles Darwin is a name that everybody knows, he is famous for something particular within the field of Science. I would like you to research this and find out why he is so famous and what his theories have given the world of today.


Wednesday 25th March 2020




Design a bank note


Design your own bank note. Research bank notes from around the world and come up with your own version. Remember, it has to show important social, historic and cultural elements of your made up country. There are lots of examples of the internet so spend some time researching (if you can).


Draw your bank note:


Describe some of the important people, places or other things on your bank note:




Research the national symbol of a country, whether a person, animal or symbol, that you find on a foreign ban note and describe why it is of significance to its citizens.





Create a story mountain to display a story plan about this story. Do not write the story until tomorrow as it will be tomorrow's task.


It should contain a beginning, middle and end. A hook, dilemma and resolution.


Try to think back to the class text that we were reading before we stopped in school. 


Story mountain should be about this particular picture, this is the big scene within your story. 


Words that are banned: cold, wet, dead, she/he, boat, shout, people.



5 Questions

Tuesday 24th March 2020







On this particular activity, each row, column and diagonal all add up to be the same number. You have got to copy the square out and add numbers to ensure that this happens. 





Can you create your own number square? If you want more of a challenge, try and create a magic square with the total of a minus number!







Your aim is to create a project all about the Titanic, this can include small models and lots of great research. 


I expect it to be within either your exercise book or a single Word Document, it should contain lots of information about the Titanic, you should cover lots of different aspects:

Such as first, second and class (passengers and areas)

Who was to blame? Investigate the people who may have been at fault, do you agree and why?

Look at the Geography of where the Titanic sailed

Which people were on board the ship at the time, what were they like? 

Look at the fashion which people had and investigate the similarities and differences between each class.


And more! This should be an ongoing English task and will not just take an hour, this is looking into the history and geography of the ship.


This all should be punctuated correctly and written with great passion. 


If you have built any models of the ship, please put photos into the document as I would love to see them!




Write a prayer which talks about the unfortunate things happening in the world today. (Try to think about a teaspoon prayer) It should be just like the prayers in our RE book, it should take up an entire page, which does not consist of just writing (and be decorated).


Above is a link containing work for today's maths lesson, similar to how it works within school. You can also mark it afterwards.




Choose the most appropriate for your ability