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Week beginning 29/06/2020 TRANSITION

This is Transition Week


Our work will all be linked to transition and will not follow the usual format. There will more PHSE and well-being content with Maths and English more specifically linked to your upcoming transfer to secondary school. If you are doing work set by your secondary schools this week, make sure you are doing that. The Maths and English work I have set is Year 7 transition work,so please do this if you don't have other transition activities. The PHSE work is to dip in and out of as you like - it doesn't need to be sent back to me. 

Recommended Books for Transition

Links to your secondary school induction programmes.

Links to helpful transition advice



This is the Maths for the WHOLE week. Some activities will be completed quite quickly, others may take a bit longer. If you get through the work quickly, you can complete transition /PHSE work.



Our English work this week is based on book extracts that focus on different aspects of starting a new school and the issues around this. During the week, we will look at feelings, anxieties, bullying plus the positives you can take with you to secondary school. I hope you enjoy this week's work. Please send me your transition booklets so I can read and comment on your work.

PHSE - Transition


These activities are all about preparing for your new school. I have included lots of practical information and in the first document, I have included a section looking at bullying. Obviously, as you aren't able to go to your schools for transition, I have tried to think of things you may be wondering about or have worries about. Choose the bits that are helpful to you. I don't need you to send these to me. This is just for you.