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Weekly Challenge

....and Relax! 



This week's challenge is all about taking some time to relax. I would like you to check the weather forecast at the start of the week and decide which day is best to complete this activity. 


Start by reading the book 'Little Cloud' by Eric Carle, which I have uploaded just below.


Then, grab a blanket and cushion (optional)  and find somewhere comfy and quiet to lay down so you can watch the clouds.


Spend some time looking at how the clouds move and the shapes that they form. Can you spot any animals or objects? Spend some time with a sibling or parent sharing what you can see. 


If you would like to, you could then draw or paint a picture of what shapes you saw in the clouds. 




You could cut out the shape you saw in the clouds. On the back, write down how you felt whilst you were watching the clouds. 


Remember, this activity is all about taking time to relax. Whilst laying there watching the clouds, think about how you are feeling, focus on your breathing! Can you remember the breathing techniques you have practised in class this year?  


As always, if you would like to share your experience with the rest of the Pandas, please send in some photos and I can share them below. 

Can you work out what your friends have seen in the clouds?

By Zoe Lui