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Weekly Quiz

We will be uploading quizzes every Monday and the answers up every Friday. These are not compulsory but a little bit of fun whilst we are all on lockdown.  You can have a go at answering them with your family.

6.7.20 Another fantastic quiz from the Bennett family. Guess the princess movie!

29.6.20 Quiz : Miss Sexton loves to travel. Can you guess where she has been? All European countries. Answers now below

Sweden - Stockholm
Poland - Warsaw
Norway - Bergen
Germany - Berlin
Denmark - Copenhagen
Italy - Venice

8.6.20 -Guess the movie


1.6.20 A plant quiz for you with the answers included.

18.5.20 week - Can you name the Julia Donaldson book?

Well done to Georgina for getting them all correct!

11.5.20 Miss Taylor- Joy's quiz

Georgina's answers

4.5.20 A fantastic quiz from the Bennet family. Guess the Roald Dahl book.