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Talk for writing 



In Year 3 we continue with the talk for writing approach that is used across the school. We look at a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts throughout the year. Whether it is a recount based on Roald Dahl's BFG,  non-chronological reports inspired by Stone Age animals or newspaper reports on natural disasters. At the beginning of each topic we start with a COLD WRITE. This is where the children are set a task based on information they know, it shows the teacher what they have retained from previous years of attempting these styles of writing. It also allows the teacher to identify what grammar and punctuation needs to be taught or revisited during the unit.  Following this the teacher gives the children specific individual targets to work on.  


Through the unit we look at the different technical features of writing for that specific genre. We have a model text that we learn and memorise through actions. This is brilliant for teaching new vocabulary and internalising the structure of the writing. We then write together through shared writing to model how to write and we improve each other's ideas. We then plan a new piece of independent writing and then create a  HOT WRITE. Here the children can show how much they have learnt since the cold task and show progress against those initial targets.


These pieces are displayed in the classroom, so the children can be reminded of what they have achieved.



In Year 3 all children start back in September with a pencil, then children get the opportunity to earn their pen license. They will receive this from the teacher when they are writing fully cursive consistently in their work. ​


These are spellings to help with spelling at home. These are a list of words children are expected to know up to now. Please focus on Year 3 but use Year 2 and Year 1 to recap and consolidate those your children are not secure on.

Punctuation and Grammar