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Year 1 - Bees

Welcome to the Bees Class!



Class Teachers: Miss Packer and Mr Burchett

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Wraight and Mrs Dhitima


We are really excited for your return to school on Wednesday 2nd September and we look forward to seeing you all!


Would you like to see your new class teachers? Here are some images of them below...

Contact Mr Burchett or Miss Packer

If you wish to contact Mr Burchett or Miss Packer by email, please feel free to do so by writing a short message in the contact box below. This will be directed straight to Mr Burchett's inbox. Many thanks....

What we will be learning about in Term 1...

This term, our topic will be 'The Seaside'. Have you been to the seaside over the summer holidays? Have you got any photographs of you at the seaside which you are happy to share with us? There are many things you can find at the seaside and, over this term, we are going to look at what some of the things are in the pictures below- do you know what they are?


When you come back to school this week, I am going to find out what interesting questions you have about some of these...


Parents can click the images below to see what their child will be learning about in different subjects this term and how they can help at home. As ever, this page is a working and class document, so we welcome your input and support with this!


Our Stars of the Week are: 

Bhagyashree Thapa
Edward Pope.

Documents parents should have received from us this week- these are incredibly important to read before you all start back...