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Teaching Team: Mr Burchett and Mrs Dhitima

Remote Learning Update- Eagles Class

31st March 2020

I hope everyone is well and that parents/children within the Eagles class are all 'staying safe' and heeding the governments advice! I am sure you are and I really do thank you for your support with regards to this 'Remote Learning' process. It has not been an easy process and your support via emails has been greatly appreciated! I have had around half of the class contact me via email. I will be available and working over the Easter break and will respond to all of your emails, even if it is just to say that your child's photos and learning have been published on the website. I would much rather be teaching them to be fair! I thank you greatly- whatever support you have been able to provide your child is much appreciated on behalf of the school. Currently, we are trying to have the least amount of social contact as possible- not because any of my family are carrying symptoms but because they are within the 'high risk category'.


With regards to the coming days before we technically 'break' for Easter, the following will occur:

  • You will receive a report for your child which will replace the Parents Evenings scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. These reports will be with you by no later than Friday. I apologise for this however, having not taught the class the whole year, I have had to really analyse their learning in more depth.
  • You will be receiving a phone call from me to 'check in' with you over the coming days.  It is up to you how you would like to work this- I can either speak to you, as parents, or your child to see how they are getting on. These phone calls will occur on Tuesday or Wednesday. After this time, I will be available via email until we return and should have more time to answer queries and questions as I will not be posting in depth 'Remote Learning' work. The call will come from an 'unknown' number for your information. If my Maths is still what it was, 32 conversations x 5 minutes means I will be on the phone for over two hours! Therefore, the phone call will be fairly brief, primarily to see everyone is 'safe' and for pertinent questions.



Mr M. Burchett (Eagles Class Teacher)

Remote Learning Update- Year 3

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good morning Year 3 Parents and Children

I really do hope you are well and safe- I have been thinking of you all during these difficult times and all of my best wishes and prayers are with you all! I can imagine we have some who are missing school already and for others there is still the novelty of working through their 'Remote Learning' in preparation for the Easter holidays.

I thought it timely to update you all today regarding arrangements in Year 3, particularly based on government guidance Monday evening (a 'step up' on restrictions across the country) and the fact that some of you have been 'Remote Learning' now for a week, others will now just been on their third day.  We had 26 children in attendance in Year 3 at school on Friday which I was astounded by and thought was absolutely brilliant, so many got the messages which I passed onto children on Friday. For those also incredibly sensible children who were 'self isolating', you may have caught up but might wish to read the below notes as an update from the school and the Year 3 teaching team. I hope this clarifies a few things more generally:


  • Any children attending school for this week and next week of 'Key Worker' parents, please ensure you are only attending if there is no alternative option of childcare which complies with government COVID-19 guidance. Children will also not be able to access school provision unless they are fully well and fighting fit as it places a risk on us all if they are not.
  • I am aware I have received emails from some parents and some parents have contacted the school office regarding arrangements/ 'Remote Learning' resources etc for their child. I am not ignoring you and will return your emails as soon as is feasably possible.  Please bear in mind that we need to protect ourselves too at school- we are currently running with a 'skeleton staff' based on Boris Johnson's message on Monday. Therefore, members of staff are only in school if they are directly involved in supporting 'Key Worker' children on that day. Mrs Nixon is working incredibly hard in the office to support teachers, parents and children however our capacity only runs so far at the moment.
  • I was in school on Monday working with KS1 'Key Worker' children and dedicated my time and provision to them.  In addition, I am in school this week on Wednesday 25th March and Thursday 26th March for the same reason.  Any children who still have their 'Remote Learning' workbook at school or any additional reading material can come and collect this from the school. However, materials will be left on a desk in the foyer area.  We are currently running very low on books for 'Kensuke's Kingdom' so some children may miss out of this first batch- additional copies of the book will be available from the school office for after half term. I am also happy, where children finish their first 'Remote Learning' book, Mrs Dhitima and I will get them another book primed and ready to go! You can also collect any additional materials you might need. In addition, the classroom is being cleared for a 'deep clean'.  If your child has items they would like, these can be collected at parents own risk.
  • As Parents Evenings were scheduled to be on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st March, a short report will be provided for each individual child instead. I am currently in the process of writing these. In addition, I will be calling the family home next week just to check in with yourselves. I am happy to just speak to parents or your child as well to reassure you and support you in any way.
  • Over the coming days, I will be adding more generalised learning resources for 'Remote Learning' to the Year 3 class page. Children can try out a variety of these activities. As you can see, work for Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March has been sent above. In addition, additional websites are contained in a letter below.
  • Espresso Discovery Education Passwords- many have said these are not working properly. Please try all lower case throughout the username and password. I have liaised with Mrs Kerr around this however, should I continue to get queries, I will try to rectify this again. I only intend to use this website a small amount so please do not worry too much- it will not impact completion of children's work.
  • Completion of work- work should generally be completed in your 'Remote Learning' book. Some children have emailed me photographs which I will place on our Year 3 class page each weekend to show you what others have been doing/ learning. In addition, some of you have sent me in photographs of you with books you are currently reading or pictures of you undertaking the 'Joe Wicks Daily Workout' which I will also place in this area (I have been completing this daily too). A reminder that the work on the class page is aligned with the current Year 3 curriculum programme of study and the planning is a 'skeleton' of the learning the children would have been undertaking in class. If you are undertaking this learning and completing it on a daily basis, this is brilliant! I appreciate however everyone's circumstances are different. This is a rough guide and timetable- I would expect children to be completing some of the learning within the 'daily planning' on a daily basis and would appreciate children not just choosing random tasks to undertake all of the time. However, if they only read and do some Physical activity alongside their Maths and English learning, that is absolutely fine. I am aware of striking a balance- this is all new to me as well! Therefore, for Wednesday's learning, I have tried to make it so that parents can just place the Youtube clips on and children should be able to learn slightly more independently. I am concious all of the time however that when they return, I do not want children falling massively adrift of their peers as they have not undertaken some learning opportunities during their time away from school. Please ensure regular exercise, please ensure daily reading, Maths and English learning but also allow time for perhaps helping with the cooking, some learning in the garden, playing board games etc which are all just as useful learning activities.


Any further queries or questions I will continue to try to address but hope this helps you somewhat. For some, we are only three days into this and there will be learning over this time!

Kind Regards and Stay Safe!

Mr M. Burchett (Class Teacher)

Remote Learning- Year 3

Sunday 22nd March 2020


Please see in the 'Remote Learning Resources and Documents' (just below) an additional letter from myself comprised this weekend. I hope this gives you greater clarity on the 'Remote Learning' process.


In addition to the 'Remote Learning Book' and passwords provided to the children on Thursday, on Friday at school all children were given a copy of the following reading books:

  • Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo (all children were provided with a copy for self/ supported reading sessions at home). Children should read the book in stages when prescribed to by myself- PLEASE do not read any further than what is set on certain days!
  • 'Winnie the Witch' book- This is a famous series of books and is for reading pleasure, so they can read this book at their own leisure.


Children were asked to keep their reading logs and any reading that they do should still be recorded in this book. However, all reading 'Book Banded Books' have been returned as not to get lost during this period. Children were provided with the books above as there were copies for each child, which should support them in a 'whole class together' reading process. Should you not be able to obtain a copy of Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, please make me aware of this. This will be our shared book throughout Term 4/5, and I will read this novel alongside the class. 

Remote Learning- Year 3

Thursday 19th March 2020

As you will be aware, due to the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), schools will be closed from 5:00pm on Friday 20th March 2020 for an 'undetermined period'.  This therefore means that children, who are not listed as children of 'key workers', will not attend school for a potentially sustained period of time.


In order that they continue to learn and progress as they would do if they were attending school, they will be provided with 'Remote Learning' opportunities which they can access via this class page on this website. I am realistic in my understanding that 'Remote Learning' and learning at school with children's peers is never going to be a 'like of like' swap. However, we must manage this difficult situation in the best possible way and I appreciate all parents support within the Year 3 classroom during this time.


Today, children in the Year 3 class have been provided with the following items:

  • A 'Remote Learning' book/ journal to complete any work in. 
  • Their 'Times Tables' Rockstar login as this will form part of Mathematics learning.
  • Their 'Discovery Education/ Espresso' password so that they can access this system.


I ask that, during this time, communication will be paramount between parents of children in the Year 3 class and myself. If there is anything you require, no matter how small, please just contact me via the email form below or via my direct email address:


I am aware that children might not have the necessary equipment to complete certain tasks and am happy for this to be provided for them. In addition, children who were previously 'self-isolating' may not have their 'Remote Learning' book or additional resources listed above- you will be able to collect these from the school from Monday 23rd March 2020 to bring home for your children.


I intend on providing further information as part of a 'blog' for the class over the coming weeks and however long this period of 'remote learning' lasts. If you are happy for me to include photographs of your child's 'remote learning' and or any work they have completed, please email these to me. In addition, I will post where the work needs to be completed- some will be just in their 'Remote Learning' book for me to mark on return. For others, I will provide email related deadlines.


I will continue to upload information tomorrow and over the weekend for the class with a letter detailing how I would like our 'Remote Learning' approach to work, which may differ from other classes in the school.




Mr M. Burchett (Year 3 Class Teacher)

Welcome to Term 4


We hope you had a lovely end of term break! The children have come back and settled well to working with both of us again. This term, we will be learning about  The Roman Empire with a History/ Geography theme to our topic. 


In Science we will be learning about 'Rocks' which links in well with our current topic. The children have been keen to explore the different types of rock and where they come from.


In R.E., our focus will be on 'Celebrating the Mass'.  We went to Mass last week for Ash Wednesday and children enjoyed an R.E. day focusing on this topic.  In this unit of work, the areas we will be looking at are:

• Know what happened at the Last Supper. 

• Understand what happens at the beginning of Mass.

• Understand the importance of the Readings at Mass.

• Know what happens at the Offertory and Consecration. 

• Know that it is Jesus we receive in Holy Communion.

• Be familiar with your Parish Church. 


For further information on our yearly programme of RE in Year 3, please see 'The Way, The Truth and The Life' overview document.


The P.E. lessons will continue to work as part of a carousel - a programme of either Tag Rugby, Hockey or Dodgeball/ Volleyball. Please ensure that earrings are removed and that the correct kit is in school every day. As it is now cold, please provide your child with jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt for outside P.E. We need to ensure the children are dressed appropriately in all weathers.


We shall endeavour to add photos of your children's learning as the term progresses. Homework will usually be handed out on a Thursday to be returned by the following Tuesday. Children will have:

- Daily reading with an adult

- Spellings to learn for a weekly test and to show their understanding, they are required to include one of the words in a sentence (choose five words).

- Maths homework relating to their learning in class. In addition, there will be the expectation that children are practising their multiplication tables for instant recall to support them in all aspects of the Maths curriculum.

- On occasions, to support their learning in class, children might receive a small amount of additional homework based on the topic we are learning.


In addition, we kindly request that any equipment children bring in from home can fit into their small table tray. 


Kind regards,

Mr Burchett, Mrs Barrington and Mrs Dhitima

Eagles' Teaching Team

Picture 1

Parents' reading question prompts

Times Tables Practice

Have a look at these websites for fun and engaging ways to practise your times tables:


Have you downloaded the Squeebles app? It's £3.99 and a great way for children to practise their tables on the phone or tablet.

Picture 1

Reading our story plans

Reading our story plans 1
Reading our story plans 2
Reading our story plans 3
Reading our story plans 4
Reading our story plans 5
Reading our story plans 6

First recorder lesson!

First recorder lesson! 1
First recorder lesson! 2
First recorder lesson! 3

Preparing to use column addition & subtraction.

Preparing to use column addition & subtraction. 1
Preparing to use column addition & subtraction. 2

English group work

English group work 1 Generating ideas for their stories
English group work 2 Generating ideas for their stories
English group work 3 Generating ideas for their stories
English group work 4 Generating ideas for their stories
English group work 5 Generating ideas for their stories
English group work 6 Generating ideas for their stories

Science Learning

Science Learning 1 Shadow hunting
Science Learning 2 Shadow hunting
Science Learning 3 Investigating changing the size of the shadow

Go Noodle - exercising indoors!

Go Noodle - exercising indoors! 1 We love dancing with Go Noodle!

Parents' Information Session - 9th September

Yearly Overview


Our topics for the year are as follows:


Term 1 - Totally Dahl

Term 2 - The Stone Age

Term 3 - Days that Shook the World

Term 4 - The Romans

Term 5  - Kent's Hopping History/ The Victorians

Term 6 - The Americas


Just a reminder that P.E. is on Tuesday every week.

Your child should have an indoor and an outdoor P.E. kit at school at all times.  Also that if your child has earrings they need to be removed before the lesson and hair should be tied up.  Thanks.

If you would like to contact Mr Burchett please use this form:

We are always happy to hear from parents so please feel free to send us a message. We will try to ensure a prompt and timely response however, please remember, we are teaching the class during school days!