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Year 4 - Penguins

Year 4 Penguin Class

July Report- Pupil Asset step explained

Welcome to the Penguin's Class page.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Penguin Parents for being so supportive of their children's learning this year.  Many of the children have taken real ownership and pride in their learning especially in their homework tasks and these have been a pleasure to mark.


I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Penguins again for a second year, they are a lovely class and have been an absolute pleasure to teach. I thank you as parents for being committed to your child's learning.


Before I start my maternity leave, I would like to end by wishing all Penguins the best for the remainder of year 4 and beyond and I hope they continue to show their enthusiasm and thrive in their learning.


All the very best,

Mrs Hamblin-Harrissmiley








This term we will finish off the Shang Dynasty and then for the next few weeks leading upto Easter  your main topic will be:

David Walliams








In Maths this term we are focusing on fractions and decimals.

In English you will be focusing on letter and story writing.

In Science you will be learning about Electricity.

In RE you will be learning about Jesus the teacher and Jesus the Saviour.




Questions to support children's comprehension

Year 3/4 Spelling words

Year 3/4 Spelling words 1

The Yr3/4 spellings words include all of the words that the children should be able to spell, by the end of year 4. The children will be assessed on these words, at the end of this year.

SPaG- Spelling, Punctation and Grammar

SPaG is an important part of the KS2 curriculum, which supports children in their English work. Some of the terminology that we learn in SPaG can be quite tricky with new vocabulary being introduced all the time.


Here is a helpful glossary of grammar terms, with all of the terminology that children should know by the end of KS2. Some of this you will obviously already know, but some of it does get rather technical, so please do not worry about asking for further clarification.





Grammar Gossary for Parents and Carers

Here are some helpful websites!

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