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Teacher- Miss Morgan & Mr Burchett

TA- Mr Maillard

Term 5


Hi Year 5,

I hope you have all had a wonderful half term and kept safe and well whilst enjoying the beautiful sunshine. We are now in our final term of the school year and although we couldn't have predicted that term 6 would have been like this, I hope that the advice from a sunflower above, gives you a small ray of positivity!

Mr Burchett and I will continue to set your remote learning work on the class page and are here to help if you need any guidance or support.

Keep up with all your hard work and dedication to your learning, you should all be so proud of what you have achieved in this time.


Miss Morgan smiley

Email contacts:

* (English & Topic)

* (Maths)

Friday 1st May 2020- The City of Ember text study

Next week are going to be reading the text 'The City of Ember' by Jeanne DuPrau. 

I am aware that most children will not have this text at home so we are offering the following options:

1- You can collect a hard copy of the text from the school office from Monday morning.


2- You can email myself and I will send you a pdf version of the text.


We only have around 15 hard copies of the text at school (we are awaiting delivery of a class set) therefore they can be collected on a first come, first serve basis. Alternatively, we do have the option to send the pdf format electronically.


Thank you, 

Miss Morgan laugh

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Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education


The Department for Education have brought together an initial list of online educational resources to help children to learn at home. The majority of these are free and are available to you by clicking on the picture link above.

These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages. This should support parents with additional resources for their children to access at home.


Good luck exploring and enjoy!

Remote Learning Update- 20.04.2020

Dear Parents and Children in the Penguin Class

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, are making the most of the good weather we are having and are relaxed and refreshed for the week ahead! These are difficult, unprecedented times but by working together, supporting one another and having a positive outlook on things, I believe this can really make a difference and no doubt will do over the next couple of weeks. 

There are probably many questions you will have- some for which I will have the answers and others for which I will not. However, I hope the information below provides you with some guidance on the 'Remote Learning' process for the Penguins Class over the coming weeks. Should you have any further questions, please email either Miss Morgan or myself and we will try to respond to you in a timely manner.

I look forward to supporting your child over this period and for their return to school in the not too distant future! I am thinking of you all and you are all in my prayers!


Mr M Burchett


  • You will have seen, over the weekend, that I have updated the Penguins Class Page. My hope is that this will support parents and children with their 'Remote Learning'. I will be populating the various areas over the coming week. The majority of the areas are fairly self explanatory. Children's weekly learning can be accessed through the linked weeks towards the top of the page. I have then put some additional headings and subjects which I will add resources for the children into if they want to dive into other learning areas during their spare time.
  • My Eagles class currently have a 'Remote Learning' book which they are keeping all of their learning in. They will bring this back to school on their return. I imagine Penguins class have something similar! Should your child need an additional 'Remote Learning' book or any other equipment, please just make me aware and I will attempt to place this into the reception/ foyer area in a timely manner for you to collect.
  • I have added some documents which I also have in the Eagles class area. One of them is a sample timetable- this is just a guide and demonstrates the work I will put up for most days. Please be reassured that this is only a guide- I would like children to complete the English and Maths tasks though as a minimum. I envisage most children to be working from 10:00- 3:00 each day with various breaks. However, this is an interesting period for us all and if children have not completed all of the work set, this does not matter too much. However, I urge parents to engage in the materials to some extent. Think about the child who does none of the set work in comparison to the child who completes all of this 'Remote Learning'. What stage of their learning journey will they be at on their return? As mentioned to the Eagles Class, I am fairly relaxed and should you want to do Joe Wicks in the morning, listen to David Walliam's Audio Books, teach your child to garden or cook, all of these are invaluable learning opportunities- potentially ones they may never get the chance to engage with again!
  • Make sure your child gets out- exercise and their wellbeing is paramount to their learning! I would rather they spend an hour outside on a walk or bike ride than work from 8:00- 5:00 flat out on their studies.
  • I would also like the children to celebrate their learning during this period and the learning opportunities being provided. With this in mind, there is a link to a class blog and, if you have pictures of the children engaging in various learning opportunities or want to send me their work which I can share, please do and I will place it into this area!
  • A polite reminder to parents that Miss Morgan and myself may be required in school on certain days to teach children of 'Key Workers'. Therefore, we will not be available at all times. In addition, while we will give feedback to children on some aspects of the work remotely, we will look at learning more thoroughly on our return.
  • Any passwords children need, either for Prodigy Maths or Times Table Rockstars, please just ask and these can be provided.


Remote Learning Update- 17.04.2020

Please see the 'Year 3- Eagles' class page for more information regarding the way I am setting 'Remote Learning' during these unprecedented times. I really do hope all parents and children in the Penguins Class are well, staying safe and looking after one another.

The Eagles Class Page will also provide you with more of an idea of how we have gone about our 'Remote Learning'- we have created a blog which celebrates their Home Learning examples, put areas for additional Remote Learning activities and created a TTRS leaderboard which the children can view from home.

I will update this page further over the weekend with more class specific information for the Penguins Class and update you on the way I envisage 'Remote Learning' heading over the next few weeks. At present, I am teaching at St Simon's on Thursday and Friday, providing education for children of key workers. I will respond to all emails and contact form information in as timely a manner as possible.


Stay safe and God Bless!

Mr M. Burchett

The Penguin Pledge

The Penguin Pledge 1

R.E- Our topic for this term is:


Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the meaning of covenant.
    • Reflect on God’s Covenant with Noah.
  • Know about the Covenant God made with Abraham.
    • Reflect on Abraham’s trust in God.
  • Understand that God guides and challenges His people.
    • Be aware of our need to grow in faith and trust in God.
  • Know that God made a Covenant with Moses and the Israelites.
    • Be aware that this Covenant is also made with us.
  • Know that God send prophets to remind His People of His Covenant.
    • Reflect on the message of the prophets for us.
  • Know that God makes a New Covenant with us.
    • Reflect on our part in the New Covenant.

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