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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.

Consultation on 2018-2019 policy


Our 2018-2019 Admissions policy is now in the consultation period.  This consultation closes on January 1st 2017.  If you have any comment on the draft document please send an email to the school address given on the school website with your comments.  This draft policy will be applicable from Sept 1st 2018.

2018-2019 Draft Admission Policy

 How to apply for a place for your child at St.Teresa's


  • First, come and have a look round…..just ring the office on 01233 622797 and book a time.

  • Go and look at other schools, too.  That way, you’ve some idea of comparisons.

  • Look at our Ofsted inspection report.  There’s a link from this website.

  • Ask the school office for a supplementary form (or download from this page) and return the completed form to us with your child’s birth and baptismal certificates.  If your child is not baptised you’re still welcome to apply but we may not be able to offer you a place, as we give priority to baptised Catholic children.

  • You’ll see our Admissions policy in this part of the website.  If you’ve any queries about admissions, give us a ring.

  • Whatever age your child, you’ll need to apply for a place on an electronic form downloadable from the Kent admissions website:

  • Applications for Reception age children (aged 4) need to be returned by mid-January each year.  The above website gives the exact date for next year and, as well as returning the electronic county form by that date, you’ll need to complete and return to school our supplementary form by the same date.

  • If you don’t have computer access ask us for a paper form.

  • If you’d like this information in another language, please let us know.