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At this stage in the year it is really important that you keep up reading and writing as much as you can. 

The children love to write in class, one of their favourite things to do is to write stories/make books. Providing opportunities to write, keeping a diary, making books, writing lists, recipes or reminders, writing letters etc will all encourage and motivate the children to write.


If you carry out a nice activity at home or play a nice game you could encourage your child to write instructions down for the other children in the class so that they might be able to do the same in their home. They could write letters to their friends and teachers and you can share them digitally. 


If you are happy for me to do so I can share the photos on the class page or on EExAT for the other children in the class to see. Just because we can't be together, it doesn't mean we can't create an environment where we celebrate and encourage meaningful writing. Any writing is good practise. 

Remember to refer to the sound mats with all writing and ask your child to write the sounds they can hear in each word. 

Challenge them to use the High Frequency Words (tricky words) as much as they can. 

If your child is ready, encourage them to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

Most of all, have fun! This is my favourite time of the year when children develop the confidence to spell phonetically and explore with writing. Remember also to encourage writing not just with pens and paper but use paintbrushes, chalk, shaving foam, sand/soil/salt to give them the chance to explore writing and develop skills in a sensory approach.


I will put weekly activities up but please do not limit your child's writing to these tasks, let them write as much as they want to. 

Oliver Jeffers: everyday at 6pm Oliver will read one of his stories live on Instagram. I watched yesterday and he read the story and then shared his sketches and the story behind the story. It was very inspirational and would be suitable for older siblings too. He mentioned that he may do some live sketching tutorials too.

Useful Websites: - free access to lots of books to read online. - a really great site with videos and activities teaching handwriting. - there are some nice age appropriate activities on here to support learning. It also includes a list of apps that can be used to support reading and phonics.